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Therapeutic Areas

Therapeutic Areas
Pain management A daily experience for over 14 million people in the UK (Pain UK). Managing pain is a major public health challenge in the 21st Century (Analgesia Institute). Ethypharm UK is committed to providing high quality sustained release medicines with significant cost savings to the NHS for the treatment of pain.
Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition affecting approximately 1 in 500 people in the UK (Parkinson’s UK). Parkinson’s is caused by a lack of a chemical called dopamine, due to a loss of nerve cells in a specific part of the brain, and this leads to difficulty in controlling movements and movements become slower.
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Our Vision – To be chosen by the NHS as a trusted provider of quality, affordable medicines that deliver sustainable value

DB Ashbourne was acquired by Ethypharm SA in 2015, renamed Ethypharm UK and is now part of the Ethypharm Group

Martindale Pharma was acquired by Ethypharm SA in 2017 and is now part of the Ethypharm Group.

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